On Pixellaro you will see many different types of images. I have used photography to express my creativity since 1969. You will find images from that time up to the present. The digital age of photography has certainly changed the craft, but whether captured on film, or directly to an electronic sensor, the image first must be captured. A photographer develops an eye for seeing the image before it is captured. Images are everywhere. A photographer keeps an ever vigilant eye for that great shot, the light, the angle, it’s a 24/7 kind of attitude. The dedicated photo bug will rise before dawn, climb ice covered mountains, ride the big waves; we are image hunters. But seeing and capturing the image is only step one. What you do with the image is also part of the craft. The science from its inception, until very recently, was purely a chemical process. Although chemistry still has its role, it’s the computer chip and software that has revolutionized the industry. But to me, it is the love of the image. That’s what clicks my shutter! I hope that you enjoy my galleries.

Sincerely, Robert Capellaro